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Support From:

Islamic Republic of Iran Ministry of Petroleum

Master Class 14th February 2017:

Title: Gas & LNG Value Chain Masterclass: The Global Markets and Future Opportunities

This in-depth masterclass will provide participants with a comprehensive overview of the gas and LNG industry and where Iran fits in the global gas markets. Participants will acquire insight into strategic thinking when considering a project, assessing vital issues such as reserves, new technology, costs, shipping and storage and a helicopter view update on the world’s gas markets and prices and consider the challenges faced by the industry.

By attending the masterclass participants will be able to assess which are the opportunities for Iran gas and LNG projects within the global markets and have a thorough understanding of the different risks and opportunities along the gas and LNG value chain.

Masterclass Benefits

  • Grasp the major market trends in gas and LNG markets across the world
  • Assess how macro-economics and new sources of gas such as shale gas have affected the LNG business
  • Grasp the opportunities for Iran gas and LNG projects in the global gas markets
  • Acquire in-depth up-to-date knowledge of world markets and prices
  • Identify the prospects and challenges for the future projects
  • Understand and analyse the major contract systems that govern the industry

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